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Air Source Heat Pumps – Everything you need to know

The plight of the planet, the damage caused by plastics and increasing levels of pollution due to carbon emissions are just some of the topics that have become increasingly important in the last few years. As more and more is understood about the effects that human beings have on the planet around them, people are trying to find ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint and have a more positive impact on the environment.

For many people, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been something of a wake-up call, with photographs from all over the world showing the positive impact on pollution levels that have occurred as a result of reduced manufacturing, air travel and even the reduced numbers of cars on the roads. If this fragile healing world that we have re-discovered during the pandemic is to be allowed to thrive, then eco-friendly options need to be the norm going forwards.

Weighing Up the Costs Of Eco-Friendly Heating

Of course, all too often these eco-friendly alternatives come at a cost, and with so many people finding themselves financially disadvantaged in the current climate this can present a challenge. However, there is one thing that you should certainly be looking into; something that will not only be good for the environment but that will also help you to save money in the future, and that is your heating.

There has never been a better time to look at a replacement for your inefficient heating system and change it for something more environmentally friendly. If you are not convinced, then read on as we look at the reasons why you should be considering an Air Source Heat Pump

What Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

You may well already have heard the term Air Source Heat Pump used but you may be a little unclear on what one of these machines is. An Air Source Heat Pump, or ASHP for short, has the capability to absorb the heat from the air outside your home and use it to provide heat and hot water inside the home. Many people believe that because this is how it works that it will not work well in colder weather.

However, ASHPs are still capable of extracting heat from the air even when the temperature outside is as low as -15°C. A unit is placed outside the home which collects the heat from the air and it is connected to your home system in order to provide the heat. While it does need electricity to work, it uses relatively little.

What are the benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

The main benefit of this system is obviously the fact that air is a renewable, and clean, source of energy that is easy to collect, and, of course free.
Other benefits include:

  • i. Lower carbon emissions
  • ii. No need to arrange fuel deliveries, and keep on eye on your fuel levels
  • iii. Heating for both home and water
  • iv. Potential for lower fuel bills, especially if you are replacing and electric heating system
  • v. Maintenance requirements are minimal
  • vi. Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) a government scheme offers the potential of income

Can I really save money, and make money with an ASHP?

One key reason many people look at changing their current heating system is that they are concerned about the rising cost of their bills. This can be a worry when your system is older and maybe not as efficient or requires more costly maintenance work on a regular basis. All of these costs can soon mount up. The short answer is; yes, you should be able to save on your fuel bills if you swap to ASHPs. The amount that you will save will, however, vary from one home to another.

Factors such as the type of heating system that you currently have, the size and age of your home and even how much insulation you have will all determine how much of a saving you will make. An initial assessment of your home by a qualified ASHP fitting company will allow them to give you a good indication of the amount that you could expect to save.

The Renewable Heating Incentive

In addition to the savings you could make, there is the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) that we already mentioned. This is a government scheme that is aimed at encouraging people to change to renewable heat technologies.

Domestic customers who change to a renewable form of energy like ASHPs can receive cash payments on a quarterly basis over a period of 7 years. This is in addition to the money that they will save on their quarterly fuel bills. This money can go a long way toward paying the cost of the new system, making it a much more affordable option.

What type of heat pumps are used and how are they installed?

We use Air Source Heat Pumps from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. These might be a single unit if your property is smaller or a double unit if your property is on the larger size.

The installation process begins with a review of your home. This allows us to see exactly what work will need to be carried out and which unit you will need. The ASHP unit is installed on a flat surface outside your property and we will then work to connect it to your existing heating system. This process is relatively simple and is carried out quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily life.

How can I pay for an ASHP?

There are a number of ways that you could purchase an ASHP:

  • i. Able to Buy – this means that you are in a financial position to be able to pay for the ASHP outright.
  • ii. Asset Finance – If you can’t pay for the ASHP outright you may want to consider finance to help you afford it.
  • iii. Assignment of Rights – if neither of the other two options is suitable then assignment of rights is worth considering. This means the system is installed by the company who will pay for both it and the installation. They will then be the recipient of the RHI payments whilst the customer benefits from a new heating system and a reduction in their energy costs. This is a great way which means costs for the customer are very low and they can actually make money in the form of reduced bills straightaway.

While changing your heating system can be a big decision, choosing to install Air Source Heat Pumps could mean you’re making a financially savvy decision, while choosing an option that could be beneficial for our planet.

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