ECO2t Funding Scheme

ECO2t Funding

ECO2t funding started on 1st April 2017 and will run for 18 months up to September 2018.

UPDATE : ECO2t has now been superseded by ECO3 as of 1st October 2018.

It's different in two main ways from the previous ECO scheme in that it's main intention is to help even more people in fuel poverty (people who struggle to heat their homes) and people who live in properties which are off mains gas.

For those in receipt of benefits and/or in fuel poverty the rules have been significantly relaxed to enable them to take advantage of the new fund. In fact 70% of the ECO2t fund has been allocated for such homeowners/tenants.

ECO2t will still apply to all residential properties in the UK including social housing.

Also, all new build homes which were insulated with products such as polystyrene boards, kingspan type products, cavity batts, thermalite blocks and phenolic boards can now be re-insulated under ECO2t funding with CarbonPlus to bring them up to current home insulation standards.

Qualifying Circumstances

This phase of funding will require some level of contribution for some homeowners/tenants depending on house type, primary home heating system and whether they have a mains gas connection (this applies to homeowners/tenants in receipt of benefits and those who are not).

However, having said that, the current fund still offers homeowners who are on mains gas a significant subsidy.

UK Government ECO Funding Schemes

The Government will introduce a new phase of ECO funding in September 2018 which will be more heavily focused on fuel poverty which is expected to run for a further four years. This is a clear indication to us that this future phase will require those homeowners/tenants who are not in receipt of any kind of benefit to contribute more.

ECO2t Consultation

To read the full consultation and responses on ECO2t please Click here

ECO3 Consultation

To read the full Government consultation on ECO3 which starts in September 2018 please Click here

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