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Renewable Air Source Heat Pumps

30th June 2020

There has never been a better time to look at a replacement for your inefficient heating system and change it for something more environmentally friendly. You may well already have heard the term Air Source Heat Pump used but you may be a little unclear on what one of these machines is.

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ECO3 & Fuel Poverty Issues

7th May 2020

HouseWrapped have been working in the ECO industry for many years now and we've seen several different schemes delivered by the government, Ofgem and utility companies. However, this latest scheme called ECO3 which runs until October 2022 has a serious flaw in it.

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First Time Central Heating Grants & ECO3

19th March 2020

HouseWrapped know all about how important it is to ensure that people are able to keep their homes properly heated and insulated. We are able to assist with precisely this by providing access to central heating grants. We can help you get ECO3 funding from the Energy Company Obligation.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Grants through ECO3

11th March 2020

While looking into financial support for energy efficient measures for your home, you are likely to stumble onto the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). This is a government scheme with the aim of tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions. Under the terms of ECO, energy suppliers have an obligation to make homes more energy efficient and cheaper to heat. As a result they provide funds for things such as the cavity wall insulation grant.

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Loft Insulation Grants through ECO3

5th March 2020

HouseWrapped are able to offer truly free loft insulation under ECO funding. No client contributions required regardless of property type. There are a huge number of people out there who can benefit from a loft insulation grant. ECO3 funding has the potential to greatly improve your home and living situation. So, it is definitely worth looking into.

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First Time Central Heating Grants through ECO3 - The Basics

28th February 2020

If you are unfamiliar with us, our business assists clients in gaining first time central heating (FTCH) grants. These are available from the government through the ECO3 scheme. In full, this stands for Energy Company Obligation. ECO's goal is to reduce the amount of fuel poverty in the UK by giving people more funding so they can get a modern, efficient heating system

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