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Energy Saving

Flipper find and flip you to your best deal

Give us one working day and we will find you your best energy deal and subtract exit fees and discounts automatically after calculating your savings. We'll start switching you to your new tariff immediately and send you full details.

We will also check to see if you are better off waiting to change energy provider until there are no exit fees.

You'll never overpay for energy again

Your newfound peace of mind comes from knowing that we'll always keep you on your best energy deal. Every quarter, we check the market alongside your bills, and if we find you an even better deal with greater savings, we'll switch you again.

All this for just £30/year

Guaranteed savings of at least: £50/year. It's risk-free — we won't flip or charge you until we find you a deal that saves you a minimum of £50/year.

In fact many of our customers save on average £400+ per year with some even saving more than £1000 per year.

Get started in 60 seconds

Anybody can sign up from any device or location—all we will need is a few bits of information which you'll easily know. We'll find out the rest for you. It's as easy as that!

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Flipper Work with 52+ Energy Suppliers

Hive Active Heating

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Hive Active Heating™

The wireless thermostat known as Hive is an innovative method of controlling your home's hot water and heating, while you're at home or away.

Control your home using your phone with the help of our connected system.

Hive is so easy to use. Each time you buy something new you just pair it with your Hub and your user account is automatically updated. You can then start controlling your new product with the Hive app from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


From heating to plugs to sensors, Hive makes it easy to control everyday things from your phone.

From anywhere

Use your tablet, mobile or laptop to control your Hive products — wherever you are.

For everyone

Our products are available for everyone but British Gas is the creator of Hive.


Put your feet up. There's no need to buy a new one or change energy supplier because Hive Active Heating works with the heating system you already have.

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