First Time Central Heating Grants & ECO3



HouseWrapped know all about how important it is to ensure that people are able to keep their homes properly heated and insulated. We are able to assist with precisely this by providing access to central heating grants. We can help you get ECO3 funding from the Energy Company Obligation.

Everyone deserves a warm home

There are currently thousands of properties in the UK without any type of central heating sysytem. With mains gas central heating your property can be heated far more effeciently which leads to reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel bills. Probably most people have experienced having no heat or hot water for a period of time because of boiler problems so we all know how inconvenient it is.

HouseWrapped also have access to funding for broken boilers, to find out if you qualify for a replacement please go to our boiler enquiry form which takes just two minutes to complete.

What exactly is ECO?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is part of the UK's commitment to reducing carbon emission by Net 0 by the year 2050. It is also part of the UK's commitment to improving all property Energy Performance Certificate ratings by 2035. This government scheme which launched back in 2013 focuses on energy efficiency.

The most recent iteration of the scheme, ECO3 allows you to get financial support for things like loft insulation and boilers. It also has a large part to play in introducing renewable energy systems to carbon inefficient properties with systems like air source heat pumps. By covering some or all of the costs of heating upgrades, ECO grants can result in huge savings. This is both initially through the price of the system and in the long term through lower fuel bills.

What you need to know about central heating grants

These grants, for people who fall under the criteria to qualify, are funded by the government. They are incredibly helpful for anyone who is struggling to heat their home. They provide help towards getting a new, more efficient heating system. Additionally, depending on what you are replacing, it is possible to save hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bills.

Another aspect to this is that such a system creates a more reliable heated home environment giving you a more comfortable ambient temperature which can be controlled quickly and easily. This can be especially helpful to people with underlying health issues.

Swapping to efficient heating - a great choice

Depending on what your previous heating source was you can expect to save anything from £250 to £750 per year on heating.

When we install your new central heating it comes with a full warranty and is fully tested before being signed off. You can also be assured that you will only ever deal with installers who have the right accreditations.

To apply online in minutes go to our First Time Central Heating page. You can even call us free on 0800 689 4483 if you require any advice.

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