First Time Central Heating Grants through ECO3 - The Basics



If you are unfamiliar with us, our business assists clients in gaining first time central heating (FTCH) grants. These are available from the government through the ECO3 scheme. In full, this stands for Energy Company Obligation. ECO's goal is to reduce the amount of fuel poverty in the UK by giving people more funding so they can get a modern, efficient heating system.

Why get a grant?

Part of the reason why people opt for the grants is that there are several advantages to using them. At the moment, you might be wondering why you should do the same. To put it simply, you can get funding to cover the price of a brand new central heating system. It will be efficient and help you to reduce your heating bills. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable, warmer living environment.


Something else you may be thinking about is whether you are actually eligible for the grants. Allow us to explain.
The most important factor is that someone living in the property must be in receipt of one or more state benefits. Those that qualify include ESA, DLA, universal credit, working tax credits, and child benefits plus many more. You can view the full list on our online application form.

ECO3 is not something that depends on the type of house you reside in, although the amount of funding is dependent upon property size and number of bedrooms. The UK government has deemed FTCH as a priority so the amount of funding you can receive is quite substantial and in many cases is 100% funded. So when you consider that a typical full central heating system install with full system test normally costs from £3,500 to £5,000+ you can see that the savings are massive.

The only demands associated with the home are that you privately own or rent your own house. The grants also depend on your property having sufficient cavity wall and loft insulation. However, we can also help with this, read below.

An important factor that determines whether you are eligible is the type of heating you currently have. It must be one of nine types or be the case that you currently have no heating at all. You can find a full list of the types of heating that qualify on our first time central heating page.

What if you don't have insulation?

There is no need to worry if the building is not insulated properly though. We can make the necessary arrangements to install the insulation. Best of all, this will be at no extra cost. In addition, we can shoulder the costs of extras such as underfloor and solid wall insulation in some cases.

Apply for an ECO3 first time central heating grant

At HouseWrapped, our goal is to help as many people as possible take advantage of the grants if they are eligible. As a result we offer a lot of information and help with applying. We will provide support throughout, ensuring each client has expert advice.

Ultimately we want to ensure people are more comfortable at home while reducing energy consumption and emissions by ensuring households use the right heating. So, if you currently have no central heating then this is definitely the right time to look into getting FTCH installed as the funding is now at an all time high for this measure.

If you want to learn more contact us today and start taking advantage of the ECO3 scheme and their first time central heating grant. The best thing to do is to go direct to our online application form or read more at you can even call us free on 0800 689 4483 if you'd like to you speak to us direct.

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First Time Central Heating Grants through ECO3 - The Basics

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If you are unfamiliar with us, our business assists clients in gaining first time central heating (FTCH) grants.

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