Mains Gas Boiler Replacements

Are you a Low-income Homeowner? Do you have an old mains gas boiler that is just not up to the job?

If so, through the Gas Boiler Replacement Grant, you could have a new boiler without handing over £1,500+

Yes, of course, there is a little more to it than that, but it is certainly a possibility for an increasing number of households and we at HouseWrapped could help you access the funding you’re eligible for, arranging a new boiler installation and even insulation in some cases at very little cost to you, and you may not have to contribute at all in many cases.

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What is ECO3?

ECO is the ‘Energy Company Obligation’ scheme, offered by the UK Government. ECO3 is the third phase of the Government scheme, which aims to deliver energy efficient heating and insulation measures to homes across Great Britain. The Government provides funding grants to allow us to install energy efficient replacement boilers and insulation products to homes, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, all at a greatly subsidised costs and in many cases no cost, to eligible households.

Various versions of the scheme have been in existence since 2013, offering a variety of funding packages for energy and insulation measures to qualifying households over this time. The current version of the scheme, ECO3, runs through to the end of October 2022. Various qualifying criteria and grant levels apply depending on the work that is required, however the idea behind the scheme has always been to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty for those that most need it.

House Wrapped are here to facilitate the use of the ECO3 scheme, to ensure that those that are most in need and meet the criteria are able to effortlessly receive the grants available. Through working closely with accredited and experienced installers across the country we aim to make the process of survey, application and installation a simple one from start to finish.

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What Could this Mean for my Home?

  • i. A Free Boiler.
  • ii. Free Installation & Testing.
  • iii. Free Insulation when done alongside boiler replacement.
  • iv. Lower ful bills.
  • v. Lower carbon emissions.

The good news is, with funding often being heavily reliant on us identifying a requirement for secondary insulation measures, we will where possible look to identify a requirement for an insulation measure alongside your boiler replacement. This will drastically reduce any contribution that you may be required to make, and in some instances it may even remove the cost to you altogether.

With an array of secondary insulation measures available, including cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation and room in roof insulation, this is certainly something that we at HouseWrapped are able to provide advice on.

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What choices do I have?

We offer two types of installation:

Standalone – which is boiler replacement only

Dual Measure – where your boiler is replaced alongside a secondary insulation measure. If we can identify a dual measure then this will greatly reduce or even remove any potential client contribution.

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Will I Qualify for a Grant?

To be eligible for a grant towards the cost of boiler replacement you must meet qualifying criteria.

The current qualifying criteria for the Standalone boiler replacement:

  • i. You must be a Homeowner
  • ii. Any person living in the property must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit, such as (but not limited to) Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, and some Disability payments.
  • iii. Your current mains gas combi boiler must be broken or at least 7 years old and may need to be installed alongside an insulation measure.

However, where we are able to identify a secondary insulation measure, the qualifying criteria and grant levels are subject to change, which will mean you will qualify for a much higher level of grant funding. A call to us for advice on your particular circumstances would certainly be worth making, as this could save you a significant amount of money.

Here at House Wrapped, we can advise you on the finer details of qualification and advise you when a top-up contribution may be required. Our advisers will be able to arrange an appointment with you at a time convenient to you. One of our fully qualified and experienced surveyors will come to your home and discuss your household’s individual needs, and they will also carry out a survey of your property. Our surveyor will discuss with you the level of grant that you are eligible for and if any additional contribution is required from you. The surveyor will then complete the application paperwork. All of this is usually carried out in one visit. We will submit the application on your behalf. Once approval is received, we will contact you again to make arrangements to carry out the work.

To ensure that a comprehensive survey can take place our surveyor may require access to your loft space, underfloor area and may need to check insulation in your cavity wall.

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What types of boiler are provided?

We provide the latest in high-efficiency mains gas combi boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Ideal. Each installation comes complete with new timer, thermostat and TRVs plus a 2-year warranty.

What should I do Next?

With most properties receiving 100% funding when we also install a secondary insulation measure, why not let our experts explain all the options to you.

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