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UPDATE 16th Feb 2021 : See our latest article about the Government's Green Homes Grant Fiasco!

The Complete Guide To Getting The Green Homes Grant

Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched The Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme in his summer statement. The aim of the scheme is to see a £2bn investment in improving the energy efficiency of many of the poorer energy efficient homes across England. The scheme is open until the end of March 2021.

The scheme opened for applications at the end of September, so here at Housewrapped we have put together a handy guide, full of helpful links and useful information to help you make the best of the scheme’s offerings. Here you will find all you need to know to check eligibility and choose from the available improvements. We will guide you on how to find and engage approve tradespeople in your local area, and finally how to apply for your funding assistance. If you’d like to talk to us at any point about the Green Homes Grant and how we could help you, you can call us on 0800 689 4483, and we’ll be glad to chat to you.

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What the Green Homes Grant Will Provide

This newly launched scheme will provide up to two-thirds of the cost of home improvements up to £5,000. Aimed at improving the energy efficiency of over 600,000 homes, it will provide a valuable contribution toward the cost. Those on low-incomes, including certain benefits may be eligible to claim up to 100% of the cost of works up to £10,000.

Green home improvements can range from insulation of walls, roofs and floors or to installation of secondary, double or triple glazing to replace or add to existing single glazing. Low-carbon heating such as biomass boilers, heat pumps or solar-thermal measures will also be accessible through the grant.

With these measures having the potential to save up to £600 a year on household energy bills, we want to ensure that all of those eligible find it easy to access the relevant information.

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The Step-By-Step Process Of Getting The Green Homes Grant

  1. Check your eligibility for the Green Homes Grant
  2. Once confirmed, check which improvements may be suitable for your home
  3. Choose which improvements you would like and the estimated cost
  4. Find a TrustMark registered installer to provide a quote.
  5. Apply for your voucher. You will need the TrustMark registration number for your chosen tradesperson.
  6. Receive grant approval
  7. Arrange your installation

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Who Is Eligible For The Green Homes Grant?

Homeowners (both freehold and leasehold owner-occupiers) may apply and you may be able to receive a higher subsidy level if either you or a member of your household receive a qualifying benefit. The grant is not open to non-domestic properties or to new-build home owners.

The low-income and vulnerable scheme is open to owner-occupied and park-home households.

The grant scheme is not available to tenants; however, a landlord may apply on behalf of a tenant. Landlords are unable to apply for the low income part of the scheme.

Local Authorities will also be making support available for low income households in their local area through the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Element and will focus on owner-occupiers and those in the private and social rented sector, with a household income of under £30,000. More information on participating Local Authorities will be available on GOV.UK in due course.

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How Can I Check My Eligibility For The Green Homes Grant?

You can check if you qualify on The GOV.UK Eligibility Checker, through the Government Endorsed Energy Advice provider. You will need to answer a few simple questions regarding your status as a homeowner or landlord and your benefit details if relevant. Then, you will be able to see at a glance if you are able to apply for a voucher towards the cost.

If you wish to receive more details regarding your specific property and the measures that may be available you can complete further questions. You will be asked for details including approximate property age and details of your existing home energy measures. Personalised Home Improvement Advice is available based on previous energy efficiency surveys.

Your personalised survey you will provide information on the improvements that qualify for the Green Home Grant. It is important to establish whether the measures you require, are Primary or Secondary measures. This is important as it determines the amount of grant you are entitled to claim.

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What Must I Do To Register For The Green Homes Grant?

You must be eligible for and use your voucher to install at least one of the listed primary measures from those shown below.

If you are installing at least one of the primary measures, you can then include an amount to help cover the cost of any of the secondary measures. However, the grant amount you can claim towards your secondary measure is limited by the amount of your primary measure installation grant. It will not exceed the amount provided for the primary measures. For example, if you receive a £500 voucher for your primary cavity wall insulation measure, you will only be able to receive a maximum of £500 for a secondary measure such as an energy efficient door replacement.

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What are the Green Home Grant’s Primary Measures?

These refer to home insulation and/or low carbon heat measures including:


Low carbon heat (where the home is suitably insulated):

What are the Green Home Grant’s Primary Measures?

These refer to additional energy saving measures, including:

Windows and doors:

Heating controls and insulation:

What Happens If I Am Already Claiming Other Funding Or Grants?

Provision of the Green Home Grant may be affected by your use of other available schemes. You are unable to claim the Green Home Grant subsidy voucher towards any measure where Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding has already been received for such. You can claim both if they are for different measures.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you must claim the Green Home Grant first, and you should then inform Ofgem when you apply for accreditation under RHI. The Green Homes Grant amount will then be deducted from your domestic RHI payments. Further details are available from Simple Energy Advice.

Can I claim funding for work already started?

No, the scheme will only cover work to be completed. No work that is mid completion or just finished will qualify for a grant.

Can I claim my voucher and then have the work done later?

No, the voucher is only redeemable once the work is completed. There are audits and checks to ensure compliance and all work must be logged on the Data Warehouse as complete by your registered installer. Your installer will only receive payment for the voucher works once he has completed the required proof. As above, you may be required to pay an initial deposit before your work commences.

Is there a deadline for Green Homes Grant applications?

Applications are now open, and improvements must be completed by 31st March 2021. Your vouchers must be redeemed by the deadline. You must not start any of the works until your application has been approved, however.

Will I be contacted if I am eligible?

Official representatives will never come to your property uninvited or cold call you on the phone to encourage you to join the scheme.

You will be advised once your application is approved, at which point you can then arrange installation with your selected TrustMark installer.

You must also ensure that alongside their TrustMark accreditation, your installer is signed up to provide services under the Green Homes Grant scheme. Registration with TrustMark alone is not sufficient; they must have completed the additional requirements to be a Green Home Grant approved installer.

Do I need to provide proof of the work carried out?

When the eligible measures are completed, you will be required to redeem your voucher.

Redemption of the voucher must be done before the expiry date shown. You will confirm to the scheme administrator that the installer specified on the voucher has completed the installation satisfactorily. You will confirm that you are in receipt of all of the relevant documents for your installations and that you have paid any of the amounts for your contribution to the tradesperson.

Where you received an installation of a biomass fuelled low carbon heating system you will be required to submit a valid Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) fuel number for your intended fuel. This is required to ensure that you have engaged with the BSL website and understand where to purchase valid fuel.

Find a tradesman

You can find your local Trustmark registered installers here Trustmark Registered Tradesperson List

Tradespeople and businesses that install low carbon heating improvements in homes will additionally need to be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited.

Your TrustMark installer will also need to be registered to take part in the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme



I live in Wales, can I apply?

No, the scheme is only available to those living in England.

Can I upgrade my existing double glazing?

No, the grant is only available where your existing glazing is single glazing. The grant can cover the cost for the addition of secondary glazing, first time installation of double or triple glazing.

Can I upgrade my existing boiler?

Biomass Boilers are covered under the scope of the grant, providing low carbon heating.

Other boiler replacements are not covered by this Government scheme. However, there may be other funding schemes or grants available.

Can I have more than one eligible measure installed?

Yes, you can, however, the total claimed will need to fit within the overall grant limits you are entitled to for your circumstances. You application must provide a separate quote for each of the measures to be installed and you need to apply for a separate voucher for each of them

It is also a condition that all of the installation measures you are approved vouchers for must be carried out by the same registered installer.

Will I have to pay a deposit before the grant is received?

You may be required under the installer’s contract terms to provide a monetary deposit before they will commence the work. However, there are restrictions on the amount you can be asked to pay.

The deposit requested must not exceed the total contribution you are required to make under the terms of your grant payment. If you qualify for a voucher under the low-income scheme, your installer should not ask you for a deposit, unless the total cost of your eligible measure exceeds the £10,000 overall grant limit.

Your installer also cannot ask you for full payment for your installation, with the promise that it will be refunded after the installation is complete and when they receive the voucher grant money.

How long do the Green Homes Grant vouchers last?

The work must be completed and the voucher redeemed by the customer before the expiry date shown on the voucher. Vouchers expire after 3 months or on 31 March 2021, whichever is earlier.

Customers can apply to extend the voucher before it expires, as long as the scheme has not been closed.

Will I receive all relevant guarantees and certification standards paperwork?

Yes, you will be given all equipment operating instructions, guarantees and compliance certification for your eligible installations. Where your eligible measure is a low carbon heating system, you will also receive the relevant Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MSC) paperwork including a Biomass Suppliers List.

Can I use my usual tradesperson?

Yes, but only if they are registered with TrustMark, and signed up as an installer for the Green Homes Grant. In addition, they must hold the relevant certifications to carry out all of the permitted works required under your voucher scheme application.

Homeowners can be sure that TrustMark installers have been thoroughly vetted. This ensures that they meet the required standards of good customer service, technical competence and good trading practices.

You will not be able to do the work yourself or use any non-registered tradesperson.

Where can I find more of the small print?

Full details of the Terms and Conditions are available on the Government site. Green Home Grant Customer Terms and Conditions

If you’d like to discuss how we could help you take advantage of the Green Homes Grant, why not get in touch. We’d be delighted to help you heat your home better.

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