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Green Homes Vouchers - How To Apply for Government Funding

In July 2020 we reported that Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the concept of the UK Green Homes grant scheme, should you not already have cavity wall, loft, or roof insulation then you can apply for the Green Homes £5,000 voucher scheme. Vouchers are valid towards the cost of:
  • Property insulation: Solid walls, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation
  • Home and Business: Central heating, draught-proofing and double glazed windows and doors
  • Most renewable green energy generation that has an environmental focus, such as solar thermal or ASHP air source heat pumps

How Much Are The Green Deal Home Vouchers For? When Can I Apply?

This innovative new scheme is worth 2/3 of the cost towards business and home insulation funding, the maximum grant amount is £5.000. The households classed as low income and currently claiming benefits with the UK Government will be eligible to receive up to £10,000 towards these improvements.
Let's say you wanted cavity wall & loft insulation installed in your home for £2,500 the government's two-thirds contribution would be around £1,650 and the homeowner would pay approx £850.
If you would like to pre register for the Grren Homes Grant please Send a message to us with your name, preferred contact details, postcode & house number/name.

Free Property Assessment with House Wrapped UK Nationwide

You must get your property assessed to use the Green Homes voucher scheme, some Green Deal assessors/Green Deal providers may charge you for this essential starter service, the great news is that your property assessment is FREE with House Wrapped.
As the scheme cannot be applied until September 2020 the first step is to register your details with us now so that you are one of the first in line to have your application submitted once the property assessment has been completed and your eligibility has been confirmed. House Wrapped will also be able to verify the amount of funding you qualify for.
The Green Deal voucher funding application opens in September 2020, get ahead of the expected overwhelming volume of applicants by registering with us today. Once the scheme is live we will promptly be in touch as a priority to arrange your FREE home assessment.

FREE Home Insulation for homeowners for some UK benefit claimants

Furthermore, these poorest homeowners will benefit even further in some cases by not having to contribute anything to the cost. This means free home heating and insulation installations at zero cost to these homeowners.
You can use the Green Homes voucher scheme for a range of different energy saving measures including:
  • Replacement glazed windows and doors
  • Installing of secondary glazing to single glazing units
  • Supply of lightbulbs which are classed as energy efficient lighting
  • Fitting and installation of loft insulation and insulating property walls
  • Upgrading or adding draught proofing around the home
  • Upgrading your heating: ASHP Air Source Heat Pumps or GSHP Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • On-site generation of renewable energy from solar thermal
But only if your Green Homes grant assessment recommends them. Register your interest in the Green Homes voucher scheme with us online right now. We will be in touch with you in September 2020 as a pre-registered individual to speed up the application process from the very beginning.
Green Homes Grant Scheme Government Vouchers Funding for ECO Energy Saving Initiatives
Mr Sunak disclosed that around 650,000 UK homes will be covered by the Government grant voucher scheme, do remember that the Green Homes stays with the property if you are paying your portion and the Government has contributed their two-thirds of the overall cost. In a nutshell this means that should you move out of your property you will no longer benefit from the eco home improvements and therefore stop paying for them.

If you would like to pre register for the Grren Homes Grant please Send a message to us with your name, preferred contact details, postcode & house number/name.

The grant is available through the government as a part of their scheme for energy efficiency with the aim of reducing UK fuel poverty. If you prefer we can offer advice via email when you Contact Us online and send a message - remember to include your postcode information.

What's Involved with a Home Assessment from House Wrapped?

One of our fully qualified and green tick certified Green Deal assessors will visit your home at a pre arranged time that's convenient to you. They will answer all of your questions and speak with you about your property and your energy use. The end result is to assist you in your decision should you benefit from Green Homes improvements.
What questions will the Home Assessor ask and what bills will I need to provide?

Documentation to verify you either own or rent the property as an individual or partnership
Whether your home has a listed building status, situated in a conservation area, built in a non-traditional way or constructed before 1900
Should there be internal access issues, perhaps difficult access to your roof space or loft
You are able to demonstrate that you are able to provide bills showing your recent energy use
Straightforward questions like how many people live in your home
Confirmation of which type(s) of heating and appliances you regularly use and when you use your heating the most and least
Do you already have any energy-saving measures that are already installed

What does my Green Homes advice report consist of? What do I get?

You’ll get a Government-issued document, called a Green Deal advice report, which contains:

An official EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that rates your home for energy efficiency
An occupancy assessment that measures the average energy levels that you and other occupiers are using on a regular and average basis

The good bits:
  • Which  improvements your assessor recommends based on their report
  • Cash evaluation of how much money you could save compared to your current annual energy bills
  • A forecast statement on whether the improvements will pay for themselves through reduced energy costs, and if so, an estimate of time based on the figures you provided
Please note: The Government Green Homes Deal advice report is valid for 10 years, or until the date you make new changes or further energy saving improvements to the property, for example, you extend your home with a conservatory or invest in triple glazing.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) Funding Benefits

If you believe now is the right time to replace your heating system and want something that is more energy-efficient in line with the Green Homes UK Government Scheme, then you may be aware of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP).

What Are Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) in Layperson Terms?

Did you know: An air source heat pump (ASHP)  does not create heat, rather simply moving it from one place to another through the refrigeration process (vapour compression cycle) to provide additional useability. In simple terms, heat from our air manifests and is absorbed into a fluid, consequently causing it to ‘boil’ and transform into a gas state allowing for additional heat processing.

The newly formed gas is then compressed and increases in temperature. This elevated higher temperature is then transferred into your new heating system. High temperatures require additional performance from the compressor and as a knock-on effect, it results in lower system efficiencies.
Just a beginner's note: The installation process for an ASHP is pretty quick and straightforward, usually completed in a couple of days this system will dramatically reduce your energy consumption via your regular heating system, that will not only be beneficial for the environment but also your annual bank balance as the ASHP reduces your property central heating bills.

Government Home Heating and Insulation Eco Grants UK 2020 and 2021

HouseWrapped is able to deliver maximum funding for a variety of ECO grants. Our services include Loft InsulationCavity Wall InsulationFirst Time Central HeatingAir Source Heat Pumps, and various Heating Replacements

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