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Our easy to use gas boiler grant calculator

We decided to create our mains gas boiler calculator because in the past we have seen that many clients simply rejected the idea of a new gas boiler once they were told that even a small contribution was required. There has always been this expectation from clients that ECO funding will always cover the full cost, and it does in most cases, but sometimes a contribution is required. The calculator aims to clearly show clients the amount of savings compared to a boiler install which receives no grant funding

Use our online gas boiler grant calculator to start the process to see how much you can potentially save on the cost of the installation. Saving benefits can often be forgotten, especially when you first see a contribution may be required. Our calculator is, however, a guide. In many cases where we identify a dual measure, we can remove the need for any contribution by you.

We can also advise you on the likely bill reductions you will see after a new eco-friendly efficient energy boiler is installed, and just how quickly you could recoup any small contribution if one remains payable.

Whilst our calculator aims to give you an accurate guide to the amount you can save, we can’t fully assess your individual property until we do the free on-site survey. We are always worth a call to check out other measures that may be possible and to invite one of our friendly team of surveyors to assess your specific property.

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ECO3 can save you £££ on a new boiler and home insulation measures

Are you aware of just how much a new boiler, along with home insulation measures could save you, and how little it could cost. Many homeowners could be missing out on the grants they could be eligible for, and could be paying for more energy usage than they need, simply by not realising that they could get most of, if not all of the costs covered by an ECO3 grant

Here at HouseWrapped, we have created an easy to use calculator to show you just how little you’d need to contribute to the cost of a new efficient heating system.

Why would a new boiler benefit me?

Many homes have gas boilers that are not fit for the properties that they are meant to heat. If you’ve found that your energy use has increased over the years, it could be that your boiler is inefficient, and the extra energy you’re using could mount up over time to a considerable amount of money. 

Modern mains gas boilers are far more economical to use, giving you the potential to quickly recoup any small contribution that may be required for installation. But, HouseWrapped want you to pay the absolute minimum and if it’s possible, for you to receive 100% funding and pay nothing towards the cost of a new, more efficient heating system for your home. Our team will actively seek to identify a secondary insulation measure to reduce and in many cases remove the contribution required from you. 

You don’t have to wait until your boiler breaks down to get help from an ECO3 grant either. If your boiler is 7 years old, any homeowner in a property where someone is in receipt of a state benefit could be eligible for a grant. While ECO3 funding does not always mean a free boiler, although identifying a secondary insulation measure makes this highly possible, in many cases, it is worth looking further, as even when a small contribution is required the benefits are enormous. They are highly likely to outweigh the small cost contribution as you benefit from lower running costs and pay less for your energy. 

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How does it work?

Our installation process includes a free full survey so you can be sure of the best installation for your premises and, most importantly we verify your need for secondary insulation measures to enable the maximum grant funding.  We aim to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your property so that you reduce energy loss, reduce costs and get the best benefit from your new boiler.

A new boiler can be installed and tested in as little as five hours. The process is relatively pain-free as nearly all the work is done at the site of the boiler installation and we only require access to all radiators, flue and your gas meter, that is all. You will be left with a new eco-friendly mains gas boiler generally within the same working day. We may install the secondary insulation measures at a different appointment, but it is important to include them as part of your grant application for maximum entitlement to be awarded.

What is ECO3 funding?

ECO3 is a government-backed grant funding scheme available to homeowners with a boiler 7 years or older or broken. One person living in the property must receive a qualifying state benefit. This scheme is aimed at low-income households and the entitlement is there to ensure they have access to new energy-efficient insulation and eco-friendly boilers, subject to meeting the qualifying criteria.  So, why not take advantage of potential free money towards a brand new mains gas boiler now. We would not advise people to put off applying as, Government funding can be reduced, withdrawn or change qualifying criteria at any time.

A new gas boiler means ££ saved

As boilers get older they become increasingly inefficient, causing higher running and maintenance costs that we often don’t notice or believe can be changed. With rising fuel and labour costs it can be easy to think you can’t change the situation and just accept that it will cost you a little more each month.  However, technology has made many advancements, boilers are now more energy-efficient and eco-friendly and they are much cheaper to run.  You may not feel your boiler is old at just 7 years or a little older, but new boilers offer reductions of around 25% in the average home energy costs.  For the average home, this can equate to approximately £300 per year, depending on the size of your property and your usage. This represents a saving that many of us would love to make.

These savings on running costs will quickly help you to recoup any small cost that may remain payable, so don’t let that put you off applying for the grant.  Your running cost savings are important as energy costs continue to rise. As you can see, even where our gas boiler grant calculator identifies a contribution is required, it won’t be long before you recoup this and more.  As we have mentioned previously, the importance of identifying a secondary insulation measure has a high chance of removing any cost to you at all, so you can benefit immediately from lower energy bills

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Why is a secondary insulation measure important?

ECO3 grant funding for boiler only replacements have been slashed. Why? Because the UK Government realise that the story does not end with a boiler, and they are committed to ensuring ongoing energy efficiency within UK homes, thus reducing the country’s carbon footprint. This is why identifying a secondary insulation measure is important as the latest ECO3 funding seeks to address the need for energy-efficient installations. For our clients to get the highest funding possible, which often can remove any need for a client contribution, we help you to identify any secondary insulation requirements that can be installed at the same time. 

What counts as a secondary insulation measure?

Cavity wall or solid wall insulation, also underfloor or room in roof insulation counts as a secondary insulation measure. Where there is a need to install or possibly replace or upgrade current insulation measures, these can often be identified as qualifying secondary insulation measures.

Our survey process will work hard to identify a secondary insulation measure so that we can maximise your funding potential. We will survey your property and confirm the exact amount you will be entitled to receive, your cost savings and how the work will progress. You can rest assured that we work within current COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure your safety and protect our teams, both during surveys and installations.

Our gas boiler grant calculator will give you a good idea of the funding available, and our property survey process will ensure that we maximise this for you using our knowledge of the secondary insulation measure processes to benefit you.


Here at HouseWrapped we’re committed to helping people claim the grants they deserve to have their home heated in an energy efficient, eco-friendly way. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have about the process and can talk to you about any aspect of a new boiler installation. We can even discuss what types of secondary insulation measures may be most appropriate for your home, so you can further reduce your energy bills and save even more money. 

Why not get in touch with our friendly knowledgeable team today. We’ll be glad to help you with any aspect of the grant application so you can benefit from a better heated home with help from the ECO3 grant. Why not call today on 0800 689 4483 to find out more. 

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