First Time Central Heating Grants & ECO3



How To Apply For A New Boiler Replacement Grant with the UK Government ECO Scheme

Free government funded grants of up to 100% are available for people on a low income so the first application step is to check your eligibility - We have made the online boiler grant application process straightforwards and easy to apply here on our website so start the process now: Apply Online for the UK Government ECO New Boiler Grant Funding.

Should you have any questions about the online grant application process, please do reach out to us FREE on 0800 689 4483 so we can help you instantly, or if you prefer you can send a message to Contact Us.

We will promptly contact you within 24 hours to arrange a free survey on a date of your convenience. Surveys can take anything from 45-90 minutes and we'll be out of your hair as soon as we can. Once the home survey is complete we will advise you immediately should you qualify.

Why Apply Before November 2022 and What Kind of Boiler Will I Get?

You should apply straight away without delay and you could have the benefit of both a new boiler and increased installation in your home this winter. The Government’s aim is to reduce carbon emissions across the UK and help lower-income households to benefit from the newer, more efficient, economic and environmentally friendly boilers on the market. The gas boiler replacement grant does just this. By offering significant funding through these ECO 3 grants, many more homeowners are now able to benefit from a new energy-efficient combination boiler, as well in many cases additional insulation.
Take a look at our website and contact us today to get the process started. The current scheme is open until end of October 2022, but we would encourage action sooner rather than later to ensure you receive your funding allocation. We would hate you to miss out if funding runs out or the scheme is prematurely withdrawn. 

Do All Homeowners Qualify For A Free Government Grant?

Yes you need to be a Homeowner, in addition to this you also need someone in the household to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit, which includes benefits such as Universal Credit, Working Tax Credits and some Disability benefits, to name a few. You also need to have an existing boiler that is at least 7 years old. If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, it is certainly worth your while to read on and find out more.

What type of boiler will it be and do you install UK Nationwide?

We work closely with approved and qualified installers across the UK. Our select team of installers are knowledgeable and work to an exceptional standard, remember we have been working in this industry since 2015 so we have seen the range of boilers evolve in this time.

What You Get When We Install Your Boiler System

  • Modern ultra efficient gas combi boiler models
  • Central heating timer installation
  • Thermostatic radiator valves allowing total control of the temperature in each individual room
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty
  • Central heating system hot and cold water flush included

Our boiler installers are fully trained to install the latest in mains gas combination boilers (Combo boilers), and with the benefit of each installation coming complete with a new timer, a new main room thermostatic radiator valve (TRVs) for each room, all protected with a 2-year warranty. You can be set up for many years at little or no cost to you in a matter of a few hours. Our approved installers will even carry out a hot and cold flush of your heating system at no additional cost. In choosing us to manage your gas boiler replacement grant installation through the ECO3 process, you can be assured that we are experienced to provide you with the very best in service from start to finish.

Questions? Call us on 0800 689 4483 or send a message online to Contact Us.

UK Government ECO3 Grants and Boiler Replacement Funding

Back in April 2013, the UK Government launched the first grant scheme in Great Britain, offering the chance for homeowners across the UK to apply for funding to install energy-efficient heating and insulation measures in their homes at no or minimal cost.  This is where House Wrapped enter the story around 7 years ago. The ‘Energy Company Obligation’ scheme has evolved over the years, and we are now in phase 3, known as ECO3.  The scheme aims now to deliver energy-efficient heating and insulation measures to homes across Great Britain, ensuring that we make continued progress in the quest to reduce carbon emissions. House Wrapped have vast experience in the UK grants and ECO grants application process and we are here to help at no charge.

The Government appointed companies such as ours to deliver this scheme on their behalf, should you choose us for your boiler installation, you’ll benefit from a top-quality service as well as a new boiler. We are perfectly placed to arrange your new boiler for you, and we work closely with accredited and experienced installers across the country UK Nationwide to provide you with a seamless process from your initial enquiry right through to completion and aftercare once your boiler installation is complete.


Will I Get A Boiler Free of Charge, or How Much Will It Cost?

With a ‘standalone’ boiler replacement grant installation, it can, on occasion, be necessary for a small contribution towards the overall cost to be met by the homeowner. Where we have identified a secondary insulation requirement for your home, this allows installation under what is known as ‘Dual Measure’. This additional requirement is generally all that is needed to ensure 100% funding is provided.

If we are able to identify a secondary need for an insulation product, such as cavity wall insulation or underfloor insulation, then there may not even be any monetary contribution required from you. A boiler replacement installation on its own can sometimes require a small homeowner contribution toward the cost. However, you will still benefit from a sizeable portion of the cost being met by the UK Government ECO3 gas boiler replacement grant. We are also easily able to identify this secondary insulation requirement in a large number of homes, and in doing so, we are then very likely to be able to complete both installations at no cost to the homeowner.

Additional Grant Funding 'Dual Measure' Applications for Cavity Wall, Underfloor and Loft Insulation

Secondary insulation under Dual Measure can cover the cost of cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation or even room in loft insulation, as well as the cost of the boiler replacement.

Our expert team of advisers can fill you in with all the details of what you could be entitled to. They will book an appointment for one of our fully qualified and experienced surveyors to visit your home and carry out a site survey to determine eligibility and the funding grant level you will receive. Our friendly and experienced surveyors will also assess whether the free Dual Measure installation is available for your property, which will significantly improve your chances of the installation cost being fully covered by your grant.

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