Solar Panels Renewable Green Energy

With the average UK home generating 8.1 tonnes of carbon every year its easy to see just how much you can help the environment by switching to solar.

Why Solar Power  is the future for our planet

With over 900,000 homes across the UK taking advantage of the benefits solar panels can bring to a home, this page takes a look at why they are the way forward for the environmentally conscious energy user.

Did you know that your home can benefit from green, environmentally friendly renewable energy and play an active part in ensuring a brighter future for our planet for generations to come, simply by making a change and using the power of the sun to give you energy?

Solar power is the future. Global warming and growing worry about the world’s ability to sustain an ever-increasing need for power have secured solar panels a top spot in the options we have to protect our planet while getting the energy we need to function. Using the green renewable energy that solar panels harness from the sun’s rays means it is possible for you to be less reliant on The National Grid for your energy production and it also allows you to play your part in protecting our planet and environment.

The National Grid provides our homes with energy created from many different sources. One highly contentious source is fossil fuels, which are responsible for polluting our atmosphere at an alarming rate, thus contributing heavily to climate change. Our ever-growing electrical consumption places a growing demand on The National Grid, but solar panels are the renewable green energy alternative to carbon-based energy from the grid.You can do your bit to reduce the use of fossil fuels and cut the carbon from our lives. Create the energy you use! Solar panels are the ideal answer for the environment and your pocket.

Carbon use in the home  

An average UK household produces 8.1 tonnes of CO2 a year. With 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from our households, 50% of your home’s carbon footprint is made of the energy you use. Solar panel energy is one of the major ways your household can help reverse the growth in demand on the national grid and reduce the carbon footprint from your home.

Over a 30-year period, you have the opportunity to wipe 100 tonnes of carbon from your lifetime’s carbon footprint. To put this into perspective, 100 tonnes of carbon is the equivalent of 100 return flights from London to New York. Imagine leaving this legacy to the generations that follow – You can do this and reap the financial benefits of reduced energy costs in your lifetime with our hassle-free solar panel installations.

Solar power offers an endless supply  

A study conducted by Imperial College London has found that the world’s energy requirements can be met many times over by using the green renewable energy of solar power. It will not run out, as is the worry with fossil fuels and many other forms of energy production, and it doesn’t come with such a heavy cost to our planet. While some people think that if you don’t live in a sunny place, you’ll struggle to generate the energy you need, this would be a misapprehension. Solar panels harness the power of light particles that are present even when there is cloud cover – and in fact, if you’re worried about rain stopping you from getting the energy you need, we should also mention that rain could be beneficial to your solar panels, by regularly ensuring they are kept free of dust, etc.

Simply put, solar panels offer an effective supply of energy in a cost-effective manner, while also helping to lower your carbon footprint. To find out more about getting solar energy in your home, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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