Why It's Important to Know About Your Installer

It's probably an obvious question, but knowing about your installation company is so vital. You need a reputable and experienced company, but not just that, you need a company who will explain the whole process plus one which genuinely listens to you and understands your needs.

That is exactly why we use GoEcoRenewables based in Buttercrambe just outside of York. A family run business with nearly 20 years behind them in the renewable energy sector. We researched many renewable energy installation companies in the early days and these guys came top by a long way. Most of the installation companies it has to be said did a good job of installing solar panels but GoEcoRenewables exceled in their quality of work, customer liason, communication, after care service and understanding regarding installation and technologies.

After installing many hundreds of PV arrays on all sorts of roof types we know that your installation will be in the best of hands. GoEcoRenewable also happen to be Yorkshire's premier renewable energy installers.

Photovoltaic solar panels turn energy from sunlight into low-carbon electricity which you can use in your home. This allows you to drastically reduce electricity bills and also helps lower your carbon footprint.

Layers of semiconducting materials are used to construct cells which form a solar panel. The process goes like this: light hits the cell and creates an electric field spanning the layers. More intense light produces more electricity. An inverter, normally located in a loft space, converts the electricity to alternating current from direct current, so you can use it in your property.

Export Tariffs

You will receive FiT rates as well as money for selling any unused units. This is normally split 50:50 with the energy produced. You will be paid a deemed 50% in export tariff, even if you use all the free electricity you generate.

Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

These are payments to you from energy suppliers for producing electricity — whether you use it all or not. This is paid to you by your energy supplier but the government sets the rate. The rate is guaranteed to be fixed for 20 years.

Any income generated via FiT is income tax free and will rise with inflation, as it is index-linked.

Typical Returns from Solar Energy

Solar PV
The Feed In Tariff is tax free and index linked for 20 years. Export to the grid is deemed at 50% of annual generation.

Annual Solar PV Generation 3570 kwh per annum
Feed In Tariff 4.11p per kwh
Annual Feed in Tariff Payment £151.73
Export Tariff 4.91p per kwh
Annual Export Tariff (50% of 3,570) £86.57
Annual Electric Savings (60% usage) £299.88
Annual Hot water saving from I-Boost £150.00
Total Annual Benefit £688.18

The system will pay for itself in 7 years. Over 20 years the system will save and earn you a total of £13,763.60

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