Solar Panels and the money

With energy bills rising by around 40% in the last 5 years, the time has never been better to switch to solar allowing you to generate your own energy and avoid any future price rises.

Can you earn from your  solar panels?

Imagine being able to sell your surplus energy. Generating your own solar powered energy may mean that you make more power than you actually need to use. The fantastic news is you do not need to waste the surplus; you can store it if you wish, but you could actually earn income from the excess your panels create.

How does it work  

Daylight and sunlight is free– so having paid for your solar panel installation, you can sit back and reap the rewards of your installation. Creating energy for your own use, thereby paying less to your energy provider will already be saving you money, but we can now learn of the other ways you can benefit from your solar panel energy.

During the summer months, when the days are longer, more daylight creates more solar energy for you to harness. With an often lesser need for power during these longer lighter summer days and shorter nights, we often use less energy. You will often use less lighting in your home, and also fewer electrically powered items such as heating or televisions, as the majority of us enjoy outside activities when the days are lighter and warmer, taking advantage of the good weather. Even using a BBQ instead of your oven will see your energy needs reduce. Combine your lower power consumption with your solar panels creating an abundance of energy from the extended daylight hours, and you can easily see how this leads to a surplus.

This is a good thing; your excess energy need not go to waste  

The National Grid will buy your excess energy from you. Yes, you have read that right. The National Grid will pay you for the excess energy, so you could earn by selling something you do not need. With a home battery in place as part of your solar installation, you can store energy for when you may need to call on it, or you have the option to sell the excess on the UK’s energy market.

We can help you to trade your energy effortlessly and automatically with the Grid without you needing to lift a finger. When The National Grid need extra power, they take any extra power stored in the network of home batteries and pay 5p per KWH for the pleasure; earning you an income without you having to work for it.

Conversely, should The National Grid need additional storage, and you have capacity in your battery, the Grid will move its’ excess to store temporarily in your battery and you will be paid rent for them to do so. Again, this will be automatically handled without needing your intervention for each occurrence.

You’ll be kept updated at all times  

A handy smartphone app allows you to keep on top of all you need to know about your solar panels’ performance.

The app quickly shows you how much energy you have created and how much energy you are using. It also manages the sale of your excess energy and shows how much this has earned for you. It will even tell you how much of your battery storage has been rented out and what this has earned you.

With the app managing and trading your energy automatically without the need for you to do anything, you can simply sit back and watch as it all happens.

Receive an independently verified quote.  

By choosing an EPVS (Energy Performance Verification) certified member for your installation, you can have complete confidence in our quotes, we have gone through a rigorous process to become a member, to ensure that we meet the demanding standards for quality and accuracy of our service. As an EPVS certified member, all estimates and quotes we provide are independently verified by EPVS. Their verification ensures that you are given realistic information about how much money you could save and the income you could earn. You can then have complete confidence in the information that we provide to you.

All of our solar installation jobs are sent to EPVS prior to us giving you a price; they will verify quality and accuracy to ensure that we have not made inflated promises. You will receive a competitive quote and realistic expectations to give you confidence in the service we provide. Why not get in touch to find out how well your solar panels could work for you?

Further information on the EPVS checks you can expect can be found here:

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