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HouseWrapped Gas Boiler Calculator

25th March 2021

Are you aware of just how much a new boiler, along with home insulation measures could save you, and how little it could cost. Many homeowners could be missing out on the grants they could be eligible for, and could be paying for more energy usage than they need, simply by not realising that they could get most of, if not all of the costs covered by an ECO3 grant. Here at HouseWrapped, we have created an easy to use calculator to show you just how little you’d need to contribute to the cost of a new efficient heating system.

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Gas Boiler Grant Calculator

17th February 2021

Do you need to replace your ageing boiler or has it just let you down? You may find yourself wishing there was a grant or funding that could help with the cost. If, so, we have good news for you. Housewrapped have the expertise to help you get a new replacement mains gas boiler through the UK Government’s ECO3 grant replacement scheme.

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First Time Central Heating Grants through ECO3 - The Basics

28th February 2020

If you are unfamiliar with us, our business assists clients in gaining first time central heating (FTCH) grants. These are available from the government through the ECO3 scheme. In full, this stands for Energy Company Obligation. ECO's goal is to reduce the amount of fuel poverty in the UK by giving people more funding so they can get a modern, efficient heating system

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