ECO Funding

As of October 2018 the big six utility companies, Ofgem and the UK Government introduced the new ECO3 grant scheme. It is designed to help people in the Affordable Warmth group which is defined as people who are in receipt of a qualifying state benefit who may struggle to heat their homes. To find out more about ECO3 please Click here

Any homeowner or tenant who are not in receipt of one of the qualifying state benefits will NOT be eligible for any ECO funding at all until the end of ECO3 in 2022.

ECO3 Consultation

ECO3 funding started in October 2018 please Click here to go to our ECO3 page for more details.

To read the full Government consultation on ECO3 please Click here

ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation and is a UK government energy efficiency scheme throughout Great Britain designed to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle what is known as fuel poverty.

Larger energy companies become obligated to the ECO fund once they meet certain criteria set by the UK government. These criteria are as follows :

  • If they have more than 250,000 domestic customers. This figure will be gradually lowered as ECO3 runs.
  • Provide more than 400 gigawatt hours of electricity or more than 2,000 gigawatt hours of gas.

Once obligated to the ECO fund, energy companies are set targets based on their market share of electricity and gas supply to Great Britain.

Basically this means that they have to release funds for the insulation of domestic homes in the UK. The main focus of the ECO Funded scheme is the insulation of roofs and walls in domestic homes and to help those who struggle to heat their homes.

What Does All This Mean to You?

In a nutcontainer, it means that if you do not have cavity wall, loft or room in roof insulation then you can apply for a funding grant. Even if your current loft is insulated you can still apply for funding if the insulation is no deeper than 100mm / 4inch. The current Building Regulations and Energy Saving Trust's recommended depth is 300mm / 12inch.

You can also apply for external & internal wall insulation as well as several heating replacement measures which include oil boilers, mains gas boilers and electric storage heaters.

To read more about our heating replacement measures Click here

How Do You Apply For a Funding Grant?

Good news, no long drawn out forms to fill in, simply click on the Apply Now link, tell us what you are applying for (i.e. loft or cavity wall insulation or both), let us know your address etc.. that's it!

We'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a survey. Surveys can take anything from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Once done we will advise you immediately if you qualify. If you do qualify we will arrange an install date with you and get it confirmed before we leave. Usually an install can be done within 1 week after the survey.

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