Solar Panels Value for Money

Solar panel install costs have dropped by 25% since 2015. You can even rent your own energy storage space out and earn extra income on top of selling energy back to the National Grid.

Why your investment in  solar energy is sure to  provide value for money

With rising energy costs and the wellbeing of our planet becoming increasingly important, now is the time to consider how we can get the best value for the energy we use. We need to protect our own economic climate and the earth’s climate too, and solar panels are the ideal solution, both for our personal finances and for our planet’s health and future.

Solar panel installation on your property, from rooftop panels or perhaps larger areas in a garden or field, will give you the opportunity to reap the rewards. Harnessing the sun’s rays, rays that beam green energy can save and earn you money.

Fight against rising energy costs  

Free energy is certainly a huge benefit with ever-increasing energy price hikes. The costs we encounter on a daily basis for the energy we use are rising at alarming rates. Household energy bills have risen by around 40% in the last 5 years. An increase of 11.59% higher than the rate of inflation, as stated by the Office for National Statistics, is certainly a huge increase, and one that many people are looking at ways to conquer.

The good news is you can be one of the ever-growing number of households to take back control – fitting solar panels to your home allows you to do just that. You can join in generating your own free energy, take away the impact of the high price hikes and even sell your surplus energy. Did you know the National Grid will pay to use energy you generate from your panels if your production is more than you use?

Instead of using power from the National Grid – you can generate and use your own solar energy, giving significant savings on your electricity bills. Solar panel use will certainly become the environmentally and economically friendly way forward, as households look to create and manage their own power.

The Energy Saving Trust’s calculator shows that a typical 4kWp solar panel system can reduce your annual electricity bill between £195-£330*, using the Smart Export Guarantee SEG. Exact savings vary depending on your location and the type of installation you have. However, it is true, that solar panels are certainly an effective way to combat the effects of rising energy costs.

Stretch the savings further  

You can even go further and add battery storage alongside your solar panels. Store the surplus energy produced and increase your savings further. If your solar panels draw more energy than you are using, then why not add a battery to store the surplus energy to use when the sun goes down. This will save you drawing from the National Grid supply and paying your energy provider for the privilege. You may even be able to earn by selling excess stored energy back to the National Grid, which we will explain in more detail on a page of its own.

Cheaper installation  

With a drop of 25% in the cost of solar panel installation between 2015 and 2018, the good news is the upfront cost is certainly not rising as fast as the energy supply cost from your energy company. The exact upfront cost is determined by the installation that is suitable for your property, but one thing is certain there has never been a better time to take advantage of the benefits of solar power for your home.

Finance options are also available (subject to status), to spread the cost of your new installation. You can benefit from energy cost savings as soon as installed and pay over a period of time through finance.

Low maintenance costs  

Solar panels require very little maintenance, just a simple washdown with a hose to clear them of dirt and dust build up a few times a year. There’s no need to call on an expert tradesman at great cost to you, for a simple cleaning job. Solar panels do not require the annual service that you have for a traditional boiler. With an annual boiler service now costing in the region of £70-90, you will find solar panel maintenance a refreshing change.

As you can see, using natural benefits of the sun to save money is certainly worth investigating further. Why not get in touch with us to enquire as to how we could help you save money – and the planet - with solar.

*Example based on annual savings in Manchester with SEG

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