Air Source Heat Pump Grant

By using the Government AOR Scheme we can deliver your Air Source Heat Pump with 70% to 100% funding including installation, testing and maintenance!

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Can I Really Get A Free Air Source Heat Pump With Government/Ofgem AOR Scheme? 

Yes, is the simple answer. HouseWrapped are able to deliver a fully funded Air Source Heat Pump Grant(ASHP) to homeowners, private tenants, social housing tenants & landlords anywhere in the UK by utilising the Government/Ofgem Assignment of Rights (AOR) scheme

The AOR scheme essentially allows the installing company to receive the Renewable Heat Insentive (RHI) payments instead of the householder which offsets the high costs of purchase and installation. The householder always owns the unit and not the installer under this agreement.

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Heat source pump grants and will I truly get it for free? 

Air Source Heat Pumps generally cost anything from £8,000 to £15,000 to purchase and install. By utilising the government's AOR scheme we can remove this prohibitive cost and put you on the road to using a truly green energy which is 300% efficient.

The heat demand of your property dictates your funding level but generally speaking a three bed semi-detached property upwards will deliver a free air source heat pump. Properties smaller than this will however still receive approximately 75% funding.

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Warranties and Maintenance

HouseWrapped are able to offer an extended 7 year warranty along with extended maintenance of your Air Source Heat Pump.

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UK Landlords and Tenants Claim Your Air Source Heat Pump Grant.

Landlords : HouseWrapped work with many landlords in the UK to offer an air source heat pump grant which includes testing, maintenance and offers a seven year warranty. We are also able to access ECO3 funding to help with any insulation measures.

Currently there's a lot of UK homeowners and landlords who have out-of-date home heating methods and little to no utility saving upgrades such as modernistic double/triple glazing, central heating solutions or loft insulation in their property.

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Heat Source Pump Grants for All UK Residents : Homeowners & Tenants

The government's Assignment of Rights scheme in unique in that it is available to all households regardless of income. Because the initial cost of installing an air source heat pump is very high it's important that we ensure we offer the best heat source pump grant solution for your property. To date we have achieved a 92% fully funded ratio with the other 8% receiving at least 85% funding. Also, as part of the HouseWrapped approach we will identify all fully funded insulation measures to further increase the efficiency of your home to reduce energy costs.

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How Can I Get A Central Heating Pump Installed - ASHP Air Source Heat Pumps 

You can do this today by clicking on the "Click to Apply in One Minute" application button below. If you require further information then please contact us via our online contact form and we will be back in touch with answers.

The energy saving suggestions include Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) as a primary measure to increase energy efficiency. Just imagine reducing your energy costs and reducing your carbon emissions for free! 

Everybody in the UK are able to take advantage of this which means that collectively we can help the UK government meet its commitemnt to becoming a Net 0% carbon emitting country by 2050. 

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UK Nationwide Carbon Reduction

Now that you have decided that now is the perfect opportunity to change your current home central heating system and replace it with the leading energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, you should learn more about the superior performance of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) as part of your research. 

There's a huge amount of clear energy-saving advantages that Air Source Heat Pumps have over other types of heating sources and you can read more on our pages at - Air Source Heat Pumps Explained.

All of these measures have the aim of assisting UK households to lower their annual energy bills and to help the environment by decreasing harmful emissions to the earth's atmosphere.

HouseWrapped are pleased to be able to offer these funded carbon reducing services alongside the Cosy Homes Initiative.

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Benefits of Generating Energy from an Air Source Heat Pump

  • An air source heat pump grant will help to reduce carbon emissions from your property and is very environmentally friendly 
  • Zero fuel deliveries (oil and gas for example) meaning less carbon emissions from the day of installation 
  • Coastal Protection ASHP - Most air source heat pumps are specifically designed s defence against the corrosive effects the sea air should your property be located on the coastline.
  • You will benefit from double perks of heating your water, as well as your home being centrally heated 
  • Very low/minimal maintenance is required with ASHP Air Source Heat Pumps
  • When looking for an heat source pump grant it's usually easier and a lot cheaper to install an air source heat pump (ASHP) than other system including a ground source heat pumps. You will benefit from reduced fuel bills, especially applicable to customer who are replacing a more conventional form of electric heating 

In addition to these facts, unlike gas or oil boilers, an air source heat pump can deliver lower temperatures of heat over a much longer period. ASHP used in conjunction with upgraded modern insulation to your home (loft insulation and cavity wall insulation), will give you the best, most cost-effective results. 

While it is true that in the middle of the famous Great British winter months it may be required to have your ASHP on continuously to efficiently heat your home, it's very important to remember that this will furnish your home with an outstanding all-round comfy warm temperature throughout your property as opposed to “hot spots” around the house. 

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Free Home Assessment and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) with Housewrapped 

Housewrapped are an experienced managing agent etsablished back in 2013, we are ICO compliant with regard to personal data. The TrustMark scheme will guarantee households that all installation and building work will be completed to a high standard by accredited and skilled tradespeople, ensuring consumers are fully protected with all associated commissioned works and units such as Air Source Heat Pump installation and setup. 

All our installers have the TrustMark accreditation which is a quality requirement. Once we have carried out your FREE on-site assessment we will provide you with an EPC certificate at no charge if required. 

So if you're looking for a grant for an air source heat pump then use the link below.

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